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Duration: 2 Hours 35 mins

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Would you like to know how you could use Twitter to market your business?

Every day on TV, radio and newspapers we hear about Twitter and trending topics, hashtags and @usernames. Does it all sound like double Dutch to you? If so you’re not alone.

This training course will explain what Twitter is and how to use Twitter to market your business. It will explain

  • The basics such as
    • How to set up a Twitter account
    • How to brand it
    • How to tweet, retweet and reply
  • How to take your use of twitter to the next level by using “Lists”
  • How to grow your followers on Twitter
  • A variety of Twitter marketing tactics designed to increase awareness of your brand amongst potential customers, drive traffic to your site and increase your sales


This course is suitable for anyone who

  • Is new to Twitter or
  • Is familiar with Twitter but feels they don’t really understand how to use it for marketing


Course length and duration

36 Video Lessons – Duration: 2 Hours 35┬ámins


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Course Curriculum

Introduction To Twitter
Some examples of real Twitter accounts 00:00:00
What kind of network and marketing tool is Twitter 00:00:00
Getting Started With Twitter
How to setup a Twitter account 00:00:00
The difference between your newsfeed and your public profile 00:00:00
How to brand your profile 00:00:00
How to design a Twitter header image containing promotional text 00:00:00
Overview of settings 00:00:00
How To Use Twitter
Overview of the homepage, notifications and messages 00:00:00
How to use Twitter search FREE 00:00:00
How to follow and unfollow 00:00:00
What are lists and why you should create lists for your business account 00:00:00
How to create lists and how to subscribe to other peoples lists 00:00:00
How to tweet with an image or multiple images 00:00:00
How to tweet using an animated gif 00:00:00
What are hashtags and how to add them to a tweet 00:00:00
How to include a video in your tweet 00:00:00
How to tweet a link to a website 00:00:00
How to tweet by using the tweet button on a web page or on Youtube 00:00:00
How to mention accounts in a tweet and why you can benefit from it 00:00:00
How to create a tweet that contains a poll 00:00:00
How to retweet in a way that builds your brand FREE 00:00:00
What is a reply and how to reply to a tweet 00:00:00
Tips for starting out on Twitter 00:00:00
How to grow your followers
Focus on quality tweets to get retweets and convert visitors into followers 00:00:00
Grow your followers by targeting the followers of related or competing accounts 00:00:00
How to manage your follower to following ratio 00:00:00
Add your Twitter link to your stationary and email signature 00:00:00
How to convert your website visitors into Twitter followers 00:00:00
Leverage Facebook and Linkedin to grow your followers 00:00:00
Look for networking accounts with your geographic area 00:00:00
Use hashtags to get your tweets found by potential followers 00:00:00
How to advertise on Twitter to get followers 00:00:00
Summary - How you could use Twitter for marketing
Use Twitter to promote your products and services 00:00:00
Use Twitter to increase awareness and keep your brand top of mind 00:00:00
Use Twitter as a customer service tool 00:00:00
Use Twitter to build your email list 00:00:00
Use Twitter for networking to get noticed by potential partners or customers 00:00:00
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