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Video Marketing Training Course

User Level For The Video Marketing Training Course

You have a website for your business and you are very comfortable browsing the web.


This course will provide you with an action plan for producing affordable high quality videos, marketing your business on YouTube and using video to convert more traffic into sales.


4 hours

Course material

You will receive

1. Very detailed course notes (60 slides)

2. A link to free video tutorials which provide step by step instructions on how to implement key points covered in the course


  • Why online video is has become one of the most  effective marketing tools
  • How to use video to increase your website traffic
  • How to use video to increase enquiries and sales on your website.
  • Examples of  companies using 7 different types of online video
  • Equipment you can buy in order to create affordable high quality videos.
  • Video creation tips.
  • How to edit your marketing video
  • How to  use your video to market across the web , including social media.
  • Tips for marketing your video on YouTube
  • How to embed video on your website


Following the course you will

  • Have a very clear understanding of video marketing.
  • Have an action plan for using video to market your business on YouTube, social media and on your website.





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