Digital Marketing Training

You'll learn how to answer important questions regarding what is working well in your digital marketing and website using Google Analytics 4


If you use Google Analytics it's important to know that the current version is being discontinued in July 2023 and you need to switch to the new version which is Google Analytics 4. 



Free Google Analytics 4 mini course

You can watch our free mini training course (21 minutes long) which shows you how to use Google Analytics 4 to answer these 7 questions 

  • How many people visited my website in the last week or month?
  • How engaged are my website visitors?
  •  How engaged is my traffic from search versus Social Media?
  •  How much do visitors engage with each page?
  •  What is my engagement rate?
  • What is the age and gender of my website visitors?
  •  Where geographically are my visitors from - and how engaged are they from each country?


To access the  free mini course simply fill in the form and you will get emailed a link to watch it.