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Duration: 3 Hours 5 mins

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Facebook is now an advertising platform and is a very affordable alternative to radio or press advertising (For around €4 you can  typically get your ad into the newsfeed of over 2,000 – 3,000 potential customers who you can precisely target in many different ways.)  This course will provide you with a step-by-step plan on how to use Facebook as an excellent tool that can increase sales for your business.


This course is not about the boost post button. It goes way beyond that and shows you how to use Facebook’s power Ad creation tool. Specifically it will teach you …

  • How to structure your campaigns for maximum results.
  • How to target your ad campaigns
    • How to target people by location (within 1 – 50 miles of your town or nationally / internationally plus how to target tourists in your area).
    • How to target people by demographics (Age, gender, marital status, whether they are parents, students, working in particular jobs plus lots more)
    • How to target people who have shown an interest in your product / sector and how to target followers of other Facebook pages.
    • How to target small business owners, ex-pats, frequent international travelers plus lots more.
    • How to target people who recently visited your website (Re-marketing) ,  how to target people on your  email list and how to target your linkedin connections.
    • How to get Facebook to identify the top 1% of people in the country who are most similar to your existing page followers.
  • How to design successful ads with hands on step by step guides
  • How to run 6 types of ad campaigns that will
    • Drive traffic to your site using a single image in the ad
    • Drive traffic to your site using 5 ads in one ad (Carousel ad)
    • Increase awareness of your products by promoting your posts
    • Get more likes for your page
    • Capture email addresses so you can follow-up with email marketing


Following this course you will know how to use Facebook ads to target potential customers to increase your sales.


This course is suitable for anyone who

  • Already has a Facebook business page and understands how Facebook works – this is not a beginners Facebook marketing course.
  • Realises that less and less of their business page followers are seeing their posts and wants to address this.
  • Wants to understand how to run effective Facebook Ad campaigns that go well beyond the very basic “Boost Post” button


Course length and duration

27 Video Lessons – Duration: 3 Hours 5 mins


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Course Curriculum

An Introduction To Facebook Ads
Why you need to consider running Facebook ads 00:00:00
An overview of Facebook ads 00:00:00
How To Target Your Ads
How to target by location age and gender 00:00:00
How to target people within 1 mile of your business by dropping a Pin 00:00:00
How to target by demographics 00:00:00
How to target based on behaviours – eg small business owners or frequent travelers 00:00:00
How to target people by interests 00:00:00
How to target your page followers 00:00:00
Advanced Targeting Options
How you can target a custom audience once you have created one 00:00:00
How to target people who have visited your website – Remarketing 00:00:00
How to create a custom audience based on your email list 00:00:00
How to target your Linkedin connections on Facebook 00:00:00
How to target the top 1% of people who are most similar to your followers – Lookalike Audience FREE 00:00:00
How To Design Your Ads
Understand the 20% rule 00:00:00
How to access a library of FB ads to give you inspiration 00:00:00
Understand Facebook ad policies before designing your ad 00:00:00
Tips for designing ads that get noticed in the newsfeed 00:00:00
Example 1 How to design a Facebook ad based on an image 00:00:00
Example 2 How to design a Facebook ad based on the design canvas 00:00:00
How to run ad campaigns
How to run a campaign to get more likes for your page 00:00:00
How to boost a post in the ad creation tool 00:00:00
Should you use the boost post button on your post 00:00:00
How to drive people to your website with a single image ad 00:00:00
How to drive people to your website using a carousel ad FREE 00:00:00
How to create a local awareness ad 00:00:00
How to run a lead ad campaign 00:00:00
Monitor How Your Campaign Is Performing
Monitor how your campaign is performing 00:00:00

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