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We deliver this workshop in many counties in Ireland and also as part of 1-1 training


Do you know that Facebook is no longer a free marketing tool  - less than 6% of your Facebook followers are typically seeing your posts for free. Facebook marketing has totally changed.

Through Facebook adverts, Facebook now offers small businesses an amazing and affordable  way to get into the newsfeed of thousands of potential customer for just a few Euro. You can target people  based on their location (10 miles from your town or within Cork or nationwide) based on their age and gender, whether they are married, single or engaged and what they are interested in i.e. if they are interested in the product or service you offer.



You will learn;

  • Basic targeting techniques and advanced targeting techniques (e.g. how to advertise to people who have recently visited your website or who like your competitors’ pages).
  • How to design and write adverts that will convert into enquiries and sales.
  • How to monitor and analyse your advertising.


Topics that will be covered

Step 1: Design your ads so they stand out and communicate your message

  • Where to get images
  • Design tools and apps you can use – “hands on” creation of advert


Step 2: Know how to target the best audience for your business.

  • Why organic reach has declined – how the algorithm works
  • Basic and intermediate ways to target
  • Advanced targeting options eg
  • How to target visitors to your website
  • How to target your customers or email list
  • How to target a lookalike audience

Step 3: Ensure your website  will convert the traffic into enquiries and sales

Step 4: Understand how best to run different ad campaigns

Example campaign 1: How to get more people to see your posts

Example campaign 2: How to drive traffic to your website

Example Campaign 3: How to get more page followers


Step 5:  Understand how to monitor your ads


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