20 tips and tools for making marketing videos

If you are planning to make some marketing videos here is a checklist and also some very useful tools that will improve the quality of your videos.
Step 1: Decide what type of video you will make. There 5 big types to choose from.
• Company promo
• Testimonial
• How to
• Product Demo
• Service Explainer
Step 2: Decide what will be in the video. You have 5 main option.
• You speaking to camera
• Interview a customer or colleague
• Just photos, text and music
• PC Screen recording
• Animation illustration
Step 3: Understand that your video will be a lot more effective if you get these things right.
• Your video should be well edited. There are lots of great editing tools you can use
• Great audio in order to keep people’s attention. You need to use a microphone.
• Footage (B Roll). You should try to show what someone is speaking about not juat have a person on the screen.
• Great music to add energy and pace to your video
• Eye catching text to illustrate your points.
Here is a list of useful tools and resources.
1. Video equipment to record someone speaking
• Your smartphone will record HD videos
• Rode wireless Go microphone
• DJI Osmo Gimbal to keep your phone steady as you move
• Neewer ring light – to provide excellent lighting indoors
• Camkix bluetooth camera remote – to start and stop recording
2. Where to get good music
• Facebook’s Sound collection (8K free tracks)
3. Tools to edit your video
• Filmora (PC / Mac)
• iMovie
• Inshot app (phone / tablet)
• Filmora Go (phone / tablet)
• Cute Cut (phone / tablet)
4. Tools for making animated videos
• Powtoon
• GoAnimate
5. Tools for recording your screen
• Filmora Editor
• Camtasia
• Loom (Free Chrome extension)
6. Tools to add captions / subtitles to your videos
• Quicc.io
• Kapwing
• Sonix
Want to improve your Video marketing skills?
If you would like to learn how to shoot and edit your own marketing videos there are detailed courses that you can watch at any time and at a pace that suits you in our online members only website – The Digital Marketing School.
May 17, 2022