You can now Pin 3 posts to the top of your Instagram profile

Instagram has rolled out “Pinned Posts” and it should now be available in your account.
This means that you can pin 3 posts (or Reels) to the top of your profile grid in order to make them far more visible and prominent to people who visit your profile.
This is a very useful feature and you can use it if you wanted to draw attention to a post or Reel that …
• Promotes a special offer
• Explains a new product
• Is one of your most popular posts or reels.
To see how this looks you can visit our profile and you will see a Pin symbol on the top 3 posts / reels
To pin a post or reel on your profile …
• Go to your profile and tap on a post or reel on your grid
• Tap the 3 dots
• Select “pin to your profile”
June 13, 2022