You can now add music to an image post on Instagram

Do you know that you can now add music to an image post on Instagram. This is something that has rolled out to accounts in Ireland in the past week and you should now have it in your Instagram account.

🎯 How do you add the music?

When you are creating a post using the app, just below the area where you write a caption there is now the option to add music and it will suggest a few tracks
Tap on the words Add Music and it will bring up the music library. Search for and select a song
You can then choose which part of the song you want the music to start from.
Also, there is a number that denotes the length of the music. Tap on it and you can choose the music to last any length from 5 seconds up to 90 seconds.

🎯 What do other users experience?

When other users see your post in the feed or on your profile the music will not automatically be playing.
The name of the Artist and song will be visible under your Account Name, indicating that there is music. There will also be a mute / unmute button
When someone taps the unmute button they will hear the music

🎯 How could you use this?

Coming up to Christmas you could add Christmas themed tracks to your posts
You can choose music that matches the mood of your message or has lyrics that matches your images.

November 28, 2022