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How to edit your own marketing videos

Live Zoom training course over 2 sessions:

Price: FREE 


Would you like to learn how to edit your own marketing videos using your laptop, PC or Mac? Or maybe you already make videos for your social media or website but you'd like them to look more professional. 

Video editing is now one of the most important digital marketing skills to have because all the social networks are becoming dominated by video.

I am delivering a training course for members of our online Digital Marketing School but I am also inviting some guests who can attend for free.   


The course will explain in detail

  • About a "very easy to use" editing software called Filmora that works on your PC or Mac (note - Filmora requires a license) 
  • You will learn how to create 7 different types of marketing video including:- How to edit a  marketing video where someone is speaking directly to camera, or you are interviewing someone, or you want to use a voiceover, or you want to just use images, music and text plus more
  • Specifically you'll learn how to cut out parts of your video clips and put them in the order you want. How to then add music, text, transitions, effects.
  • Very importantly for marketing videos, how to add footage so the viewer can see what the person is referring to.  For example, maybe you are an estate agent and you want to show video clips of the house as you are speaking. Or, you are a yoga instructor and you want to show videos of yoga techniques as you are explaining what is in your yoga class. This technique keeps people's interest and will make your marketing videos more effective.
  • How to edit  marketing videos that are vertical (for Reels, Stories, TikTok) or landscape (for your website).


Dates and what we will cover

Thursday August 4th  2022 – 10:30 to 12:30 

How to edit your marketing videos level 1

  • About Filmora editor
  • Demo 1: Someone is speaking directly to camera plus you want to add video clips as  footage
    • How to cut out parts, add music, add text and add video footage
  • How to change the project settings so you can edit the video as portrait (for Reels, TikTok or Stories) or landscape (for your website).
  • Demo 2: Someone is speaking directly to camera plus you want to add images as footage
  • Demo 3: You don't have someone on camera - you just want to use images, music and text


Wednesday August 17th  2022 – 2PM to 4PM

How to edit your marketing videos level 2

  • Demo 4: Someone (e.g. a customer or colleague) is being interviewed plus you want to add videos as footage.
    • Plus you want to add effects such as speed (slow / fast), cropping, zoom, blur
  • Demo 5: You want to use a voiceover  and match videos or images to what is being said
  • Demo 6: You want your video to just be video clips, music and text
  • Demo 7: How to download a TikTok or Reel in order to extract the music and then edit your video with the music before posting it on TikTok or Reels.
  • Other eye catching editing techniques you can do in Filmora editor


Important. Please Note:

This course will be recorded. By signing up you will be attending a course that is recorded. However, there is no problem if you wish to keep your webcam switched off.

One of the big benefits of the online Digital Marketing School is that members can watch a recording of the course and read the detailed notes if they cannot attend it live - and many members often cannot attend live due to work commitments.

However, please be aware that following this Video Editing course  the video replay and the detailed course notes  are only available to members of the Digital Marketing School.