Useful industry articles on how to adapt your marketing during Coronavirus (Covid 19) Outbreak


Industry articles about marketing during cornavirusThis is a very uncertain time for everyone and you might be wondering how you should adapt your marketing in Ireland to this new environment. You can read our advice in this blog post 

However, in this post we are listing Industry articles that explore how you should adapt your marketing efforts during this outbreak and also during a slowing economy.

We will keep this post updated during the coming weeks and will be adding more articles that we find useful and interesting.







Ulsterbank: Consumer Behaviour – What lasting effects could Coronavirus have 

B2C: Leading marketing strategies amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Forbes: Reset your marketing campaigns in the wake of Coronavirus

TNW: 5 messaging tips to help marketers navigate the pitfalls of Coronavirus 


Time: Companies are walking a tightrope during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Marketing week: Just 8% of consumers think brands should stop advertising but that they should adapt the messages

Later: Social Media and Covid 19 – How to communicate on social media 


MSNBC: How firms should market themselves during the Cornavirus

New York Times: How Coronavirus has opened the corporate email marketing floodgates

Marketing Week: Are brands living up to their purpose during Coronavirus Marketing in the age of Coronavirus. The do’s and (many) don’ts


AdAge: A regularly updated list tracking markets response to Coronavirus

Forbes: Why companies will turn to digital to survive Covid 19

Andrea Vahl: Should you run Facebook ads during a crisis?

Marketing Week: Morrisons, Next, Coronavirus – 5 things that happened this week

Mark Schaefer 7 Non-obvious Coronavirous implications for marketers

The Drum: Preparing your marketing plans for the Coronavirus downturn

The Jerusalem Post: Marketing to the quarantine crowd. Advertising in the age of Coronavirus

Search Engine People: Marketing during Coronavirus – how to come out ahead

Neil Patel: What the Coronavirus means for marketers 

Search Engine Journal: 13 ways businesses can use SEO and marketing to combat Coronavirus impact


Adage:  Twitter Gives brands advice on how to communicate in the Coronavirus climate  

Adweek: How to survive a brand quarantine during Coronavirus 

Business Journal Daily: Marketing your business during the Coronavirus Crisis  

Marketing Land: Coronavirus and Ecommerce – it’s complicated 



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May 16, 2020