Typivideo is an excellent Iphone app for animating text on an image

typivideo app for animated textHaving animated text in your social media posts is a great way of getting noticed in the newsfeed and drawing attention to your key message. If you have an iphone there is a brilliant app called Typivideo. .
When you install the app, simply choose an image from your phone, add some text and then you can …
*Choose from a variety of eye catching fonts and layouts
*Decide how you want to animate the text and how quickly you want it to animate
*Change the colour if you wish

It is one of the best apps I have used for adding animated text to images. It costs $3.99 but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. Unfortunately it isn’t yet available for android – it is currently only available on iphone.

You can download the app for ios devices here

October 29, 2020