Two new features on Linkedin that will help your marketing

If you use Linkedin for marketing there are 2 new features that are great additions that you might not yet be aware of.

1. Linkedin has added new stickers that allow you to link to a person profile or page:
Back in August Linkedin introduced a new sticker that makes it easy to link from an image or video to a web page. They have now launched a variant of this which allows you to link to a person’s profile or a company page. This will be very useful if you want to drive traffic to your profile or page from your posts and you will find the link sticker when you post using the Linkedin app.

2. They are also adding Auto Captions for videos:
If you post videos on Linkedin you’ll know that unlike Facebook and Instagram they haven’t had any built in captions tool but that is about to change. Linkedin announced that they are rolling out Auto Captions – while you are posting a video they will scan the video and generate captions. You can then edit them before posting the video. This hasn’t appeared in my account yet but it should appear in the coming weeks.

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November 7, 2022