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The 10th tool I'm recommending for your Digital Marketing. If you are making marketing videos and want to shoot clips when you are moving around I highly recommend this Gimbal.

You can add more words in your Instagram name field - it was previously only 30 characters. This means you can include more key words that you would want your account found for in Instagram search. You can read more details here


Instagram Tests Updated, TikTok-Like Full-Screen Format for its Main Feed via @socialmedia2day

Instagram has rolled out “Pinned Posts” and it should now be available in your account.
This means that you can pin 3 posts (or Reels) to the top of your profile grid in order to make them far more visible and prominent to people who visit your profile.

Would you like to download a video that someone else has posted on Facebook? Perhaps
🚀A customer has made a video about your hotel, restaurant, bar or tourist attraction and said you can use it
🚀A supplier of a product that you sell has posted a a video


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