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TikTok marketing training course


Over 10,000 Irish businesses have attended our Digital Marketing course that we have delivered for Local Enterprise Offices in Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Clare, Offaly, Westmeath Longford, Carlow, Tipperary and Kilkenny. All of our courses are available online including this TikTok marketing course

This 1 hour and 30 minute course covers the following topics:


  • Step 1: Understand How Tik Tok Works
  • Welcome and introduction
  • An overview of the main areas in the app – The For You Page, Friends, Create, Inbox, Profile 
  • How does a typical person use TikTok? How does Tik Tok compare to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter when using it as a person?Step 2: Getting started as a business

    How to signup for a TikTok Account

    How to edit and brand your profile correctly

    Some key settings such as privacy

    The difference between personal and business accounts and should you switch?

    Can you add a clickable website link to your profile?

    How to turn on “Analytics” and why you should do this straight away

    How the Algorithm works in the For You Page

    How to search and get found

    How does Tiktok compare to Facebook and Instagram as a marketing tool


    Step 3: Understand what type of videos are created on TikTok

    What type of videos do People tend to make

    What type of videos do Businesses tend to make


    Step 4: How to make and post videos

    How to make a video with video clips, music and text

    How to make a video with someone speaking to camera


    Step 5: How to get more views for your videos

    Tactics for getting into the For You Page and getting discovered.


    Step 6: Is Tiktok for you? And how could you grow your followers?

    How to weigh up whether TikTok is a suitable marketing tool for you

    Tips for growing your TikTok followers

Watch 2 example video lessons

You can get immediate access to this course plus 20 others in our online Digital Marketing School

You can get immediate access to this course plus 20 others in our online Digital Marketing School