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How to use AI tools like Chat GPT to improve your SEO in 2024

Live Zoom training course 

Price: FREE 


If you would like to learn how to use free AI tools like Chat GPT to  help get your site appearing higher up in Google search results, this course will explain in detail what you need to know.

I am delivering a training course for members of our online Digital Marketing School but I am also inviting some non members who can attend for free.   


Date and Time

Wednesday April 24th 2024 – 10:00 AM  to 11.30 AM


We will cover the following

1 How to get an SEO plan tailored to your business and website


2. Keyword research

Option 1 – A way beginners can use Chat GPT or Gemini for Keyword research

Option 2- A more advanced way that looks at how to use Chat GPT / Gemini to analyse competitors meta titles, analyse Google suggestions and Google Keyword planner results.


3. Tagging and draft content

Prompts you can use to write Meta titles and descriptions – an OK way and a much better way.

Prompts you can use to write headlines focused on your main search term.

Prompts you can use to write draft text for sales pages

Prompts you can use to write image alt tags and descriptions


4. Blog post / Article ideas

Generate a list of blog posts / articles based on common questions people ask


5. Backlinks

How to generate ideas for backlinks tailored to your business

How to then use an AI tool to drill deeper into each idea.


Important. Please Note:

This course will be recorded. By signing up you will be attending a course that is recorded. However, there is no problem if you wish to keep your webcam switched off.

One of the big benefits of the online Digital Marketing School is that members can watch a recording of the course and read the detailed notes if they cannot attend it live - and many members often cannot attend live due to work commitments.

However, please be aware that following this  course  the video replay and the detailed  course notes  are only available for members of the school. They will not be available for guests.