Digital Marketing Coaching On A Topic of Your Choice


Is there a specific aspect of your digital marketing that you would like advice or guidance on or maybe there are a number of topics you would like to cover in one session? Perhaps you would like to look at…

  • How to setup a Facebook ad campaign
  • How to market to recent website visitors
  • How to shoot and edit a marketing video
  • How to use Instagram for marketing
  • How to get found high up in Google search results
  • How to develop a social media marketing plan


Each session can be one or two hours. However, most clients require two hours in order to cover the topics in sufficient detail.

If you want a one hour session leave the quantity below set to 1 and add to cart. If you would like a two hour session change the quantity to two and add to cart. Then proceed to checkout.

Note: The price listed does not include VAT which will be added at checkout.

Availability on Wednesday afternoons.