Learn Linkedin Marketing in 2019

Linkedin Training Course For Marketers

This Linkedin training course can be delivered to staff at your office or as a  one-to-one personalised coaching session wherever you are based in Ireland.

User Level For This Linkedin Training Course
You currently use Linkedin – you have an account

The objective of the course is to provide a detailed action plan for using Linkedin for marketing.

4 hours

Linkedin Training Course material
You will receive:

  1. Very detailed course notes (60 slides)
  2. A link to free video tutorials which provide step by step instructions on how to implement key points covered in the course


    1. Review the key areas of Linkedin
    2. What Linkedin is...and what it isn’t
    3. A marketing framework for Linkedin
    4. Optimising your personal and company brand – how to set up your profile correctly
    5. Should you have a small or large network and how can you increase your network size
    6. How to increase awareness of your brand & website traffic
      • - Via your status updates
      • - Link your blog to expose connections to your posts
      • - Add Linkedin Share button to your website
    7. How To Generate Leads
      • - Real World networking principles
      • - Linkedin Groups
      • - Direct Ads
      • - Using Advanced search to identify prospects
    8. Summary
      • - Summary of the key marketing pitfalls
      • - Summary of the key marketing opportunities


Following the course you will understand how companies are using Linkedin as a lead generation and marketing tool.




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