Instagram has launched an Algorithm free feed as an option for users

Instagram has launched an algorithm free feedInstagram has rolled out the ability to view your Instagram feed in 2 new ways … so you can now switch between 3 different ways to view your feed.

Prior to this change, your Feed (Posts and Reels from accounts you follow) was ordered by the Instagram Algorithm. Instagram decided which posts appear in your feed and the order in which they appear.

Now there are 3 ways that you can choose to view your feed.

1.       The default feed. This is what you see every time you login to Instagram and it is based on the Algorithm.
2.       Following: If you switch to Following, your feed is now ordered chronologically. You see all the posts from the accounts you are following and the most recent is at the top.
3.       Favourites: You can choose and add up to 50 accounts to your favourites and when you select favourites your feed shows the recent posts from those accounts. When you tap on Favourites it will prompt you to add accounts to your Favourites list.

How to switch between feeds:
It’s not obvious but there is now a little arrow next to the Instagram logo in the top left of the app. Tap this and select Following or Favourites. When you are in following mode you will then see a back arrow which brings you back to the default feed (based on the Algorithm).
This is a great addition for users because it allows us to see posts in Chronological order.
From a marketing perspective it will be interesting to see over time whether it results in more or less reach for businesses. If a lot of people switch to Following mode or add your account to their favourites it could result in more reach. Time will tell.



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April 26, 2022