How to use your WhatsApp account on your desktop

Meta have announced that you can now connect your WhatsApp account to a second phone. Previously, you could only have one account per phone.

This is in addition to being able to link your WhatsApp account to your PC (which we could do for quite a while).

If you haven’t already connected your WhatsApp account to your computer in order to send and receive WhatsApp messages, this could be very handy if you …

Use WhatsApp for marketing and there are multiple employees responding to messages because it can now be done on multiple devices.

During working hours you’d prefer to use WhatsApp on your pc so you can easily type messages but you also want to follow up later on your phone.


In your computer’s web browser, go to or  do a Google search for WhatsApp web

Open  WhatsApp on your phone.
On an  iPhone, select Settings > Linked Devices.
If you have an android select the three dots in the upper-right corner and select the Link a Device button.
The camera view will open in WhatsApp.
Now hold your phone up to the QR code that has appeared on your computer screen in order to pair it.

That’s it. The WhatsApp page in your browser should refresh immediately to log into WhatsApp. It will then show all your current groups and chats.

You can now send message from your computer and reply to messages and these will immediately sync with the WhatsApp on your phone.

May 21, 2023