How to use Reels on Facebook

How to use Reels on FacebookReels were rolled out to 150 countries and if you use Facebook for marketing, here’s what you need to know.

🚀 How to create and watch Reels on Facebook as a person
• You can create a Reel as a person from the home screen of the Facebook app. Simply tap the Reels icon below “Whats on your mind” compose box
• You can watch Reels by tapping Reels next to the Stories menu option.
• Reels on Facebook are a mixture of Reels created on Facebook and Reels that were created on Instagram.

🚀 Can you create a Reel on your Facebook business page?
• Yes – but you might need to update or reinstall your app. You cannot create Reels from your desktop or business suite app – you need to use the main Facebook app.
• In order to check whether you can create a Reel on your page, open your business page on the Fcebook app (not the business suite app) and under the “Create a post” you will see options for Photo Video, Create Story, Live. When Reels are rolled out to page you will the option for Reels appear there. .

🚀 So how can you use Reels for marketing on Facebook?

🎯 1. Post a Reel on Facebook – so it appears in front of followers and non followers
• Create videos up to 60 seconds on Facebook. Your video clips should be portrait format.
• This Reel will go into the Facebook newsfeeds of your followers but will ALSO get into the Reels feed of non followers. This is what males Reels so appealing – you can reach lots of non followers.
• Currently, your Facebook Reel does not appear on Instagram and you do not get the option to share it on Instagram.

🎯 2. Have your Instagram Reel also appear in front of non followers on Facebook
• If you post a Reel on Instagram you can no longer share it to one of your Facebook business pages but you can indicate that you want it “recommended” to people (non followers) on Facebook. Just before you post a Reel on Instagram you will now be prompted – Do you want your Reel “recommended” on Facebook. You should definitely say yes to this. It means that your Reel will get into the Reels feed of Non followers on Facebook who have an interest in the topic you are posting about.

March 1, 2022