How to use Facebook’s ads library to see your competitors ads

How to use Facebook ads libraryDo you know that Facebook has an Ads Library where you can search and find ads from a particular company that are running on Facebook and Instagram? This is really useful for a couple of reasons …

1. Looking for some inspiration? Wouldn’t it be great to see what type of ads similar businesses to you are running on Facebook? This would give you lots of ideas for your campaigns.
2. Would you like to see the ads your competitors are running on Facebook and Instagram ? It can be useful to keep an eye on what offers, promotions and messages competitors are using, particularly coming up to Mother’s day.
3. Do your ads get rejected because you are using words and phrases that Facebook won’t allow eg. “weight loss” and you can’t think of other ways of phrasing the text. Think of some large active pages within your industry and search for them in the ads Library. You can then see how they are phrasing things in the ads that got approved.

To access the library go to . Then …
• Search for the name of a Facebook page within your industry – perhaps a well know brand or a competitor. Select their page name from the results.
• Choose the country eg. Do you want to see the ads they are running in Ireland or perhaps the UK?
• You can now browse through their current and recent ads and you can see which platforms they are running on.

It’s a very handy tool to give you ideas and inspiration for your ads


October 29, 2020