How to post videos or images on Instagram from your computer

Buffer app - posting to Instagram froma computerDo you ever want to post a video or an image from your computer to Instagram but you don’t know how to do it? The website is not geared up to allow you to post to Instagram so it means that you need to send the video or image from your computer to your phone and then post it from the app. That can be a pain – especially if you are trying ot get a video onto your phone.  However, do you know that it is possible to post from your PC if you use buffer.

Buffer is a service that allows you to write a post and have it go out simultaneously on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Or you can just have your post go out on Instagram if you wish.

Buffer is free to use if you link it to just 3 of your social media accounts. Simply go to , sign up for an account and then link it to your Instagram account. You can then write your Instagram post, attach a video or photo and either have the post go out straight away or you can schedule it to go out at a specific time.

It’s a very handy tool and worth checking out

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October 29, 2020