How to overlay text on your marketing video

If you are creating a video it is important to know how to overlay text on your marketing video. In this short lesson we will show you how to do this using Wondershare video editor.


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You could easily make marketing videos for your website or social media posts – videos such as customer testimonials, product demonstration videos or “How to” videos  – by shooting clips with your smartphone. But what do you then do with those clips? Most people don’t know how to edit them into a video.


Learn how to edit videos on your PC, iphone or ipad

  • This course simplifies video editing and you will  learn how to quickly edit videos on your PC and also using your iphone / ipad
    • How to put multiple clips together to make a video
    • How to cut out parts of your video clips – the bits you don’t want.
    • How to add music and text to the video.
    • How to add your logo to the top corner of your video.
    • How to easily cut away and show other clips on top of an original clip
    • How to overlay another video on the top corner of your video
    • How to zoom in to parts of your video clip
    • How to apply transitions and effects to your video.

    The step by step video lessons will show you how to use the Filmora Wondershare video editor  on your PC and also how to use the Cute Cut video editor app on your iphone or ipad. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create your own marketing videos from clips you shoot on your smartphone or video camera.



April 5, 2016