How to add subtitles to your marketing videos for Instagram / FB / Twitter / Linkedin

How to add captions or subtitles to your video
How to add captions or subtitles to your video on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin ior Facebook

If you’d like to add captions (Subtitles)  to your marketing videos – so the viewer can read what is being said – and you would like it to work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, there is an excellent tool called Quicc that you should check out.

You might be aware that you can already add captions to your videos within Facebook and Youtube but the problem is this has to be done on each platform which is time consuming. Also, when you add the captions to your Facebook video they are not on your video when you then share it on Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin. Quicc solves the problem by allowing you to add the captions once and it then burns them onto the video so they are visible when you share it on all the social networks. It also allows you to add caption to your vertical videos for Stories.

What I really like about this tool:
• You get 10 minutes of free captions so you can play around with it and see how it works.
• After the free trial you need to pay for captions but it is only $1.50 per minute – ideal if you make occasional videos.
• It generates a full transcript of your video – that could be very handy if you want to offer it to viewers as a free download on your website.
• It is very accurate – around 90% – so there isn’t much editing to do
• It allows you to get very creative with the style and colour of the captions – you could even match them to the colour of your branding.
If you have made a marketing video I think it’s worth you going to to upload it and you’ll see how it easy it is to use.



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October 29, 2020