How to add a WhatsApp share button to your website

How to add a whatsapp share button to your websiteWhen people visit your website would you like to make it really easy for them to share a link to your site with their friends on WhatsApp? You can have a WhatsApp Share button on your pages and when someone taps on it the link to your web page can then be easily shared with one or more people / groups on WhatsApp.
There are 2 easy ways to do this.
1. If you have a WordPress site you can install social sharing buttons on each page that includes WhatsApp as an option (as well as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email). There are a few plugins out there but the one I recommend is a free plugin called Sassy Social Share. What’s nice about this plugin is that you can tailor the message that appears above the button. On our website it says “Feel free to share”

2. If you don’t have a wordpress site go to and get the code for free social share buttons which also includes WhatsApp. The code then needs to be added to your website by your web designer. Instructions are provided.

As Whatsapp is the leading messenger app in Ireland (with IPSOS MRBI figures for March 2018 indicating that over 64% of us use it) this is a very useful Free enhancement to your website. .

Feel free to share
October 29, 2020