Free video editor for making marketing videos on your PC

instagram marketing trainingIf you would like to edit marketing videos on your PC / laptop there is a brilliant free editor called Capcut.
If you have attended any of my video marketing courses where I demonstrated Filmora editor you will know how good Filmora is.

Well, Capcut can do everything that Filmora does plus it has lots of extra effects that I think are brilliant for your social media videos. I have been testing this editor recently and it’s amazing that it is free, given all the features in it.

A bit of background – Capcut is a well known hugely popular free video editor for your phone created by Bytedance, the company that owns TikTok. There is a lot of integration between TikTok and the Capcut mobile app. Late last year Capcut then launched a version of the editor for PC.

If you would like to try the editor go to . You can then either download the editing software to your PC or use the online editor. The online editor is more basic – I recommend you download the full editor to your PC.




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February 24, 2023