Free tool that makes your text bold in social media posts

Would you like to have some of the text in social media posts in bold or italic?

Why would you want to do this?

When you type text into the caption area of your posts you cannot format the text – add underline, bold, italic.

However, if you did it can make your social media captions easier to scan and read. Also, there might be some points that you really want to stand out so you could change the text to bold or italic


How do you do this?

On your phone or PC go to the website
From the menu list of options choose bold / italic or any other effect you would like eg. Strikethough.
Type or paste your text into the big box
Tap on copy
Then paste it into your social media caption.

This technique will work on the text you share on both Facebook and Instagram

May 21, 2023