Free tool for picking competition winners on FB & Instagram

If you are running a competition across Facebook AND Instagram you might be wondering how you could pick one winner, at random, fairly.

I have come across an excellent free tool that allows you to do this and it’s a website called In order for this to work you…

a) Need to have an Professional Instagram account (Business or creator) linked to your Facebook page. It won’t work for personal Instagram accounts.
b) Send out a post about your competition on Facebook and Instagram requiring people to comment on the post to enter.

Then here’s what to do …
1. Go to Google and search for “Pick a winner facebook and Instagram”. Click on the first result which is the website or simply click on this link
2. On the left hand side of the page, click the option to connect to your Facebook account. Once you login to Facebook it will ask you which Facebook page you want to choose a winner from.
3. On the right hand side it will then ask you to choose which Facebook post you are choosing a winner from and also which Instagram post. You can choose them from a dropdown.
4. You are then asked whether you want to choose a winner based on how many people they @mentioned or you can just choose zero to choose a winner from anyone who commented (they didn’t have to menion someone). You can also filter and choose a winner from comments that used specific words eg they might have to get an answer right
5. It will then tell you how many unique entries you had based on comments. On the bottom left click the button that selects a winner randomly.
6. The tool then chooses a winner.

You could record yourself doing this on your phone to show people that the winner was chosen randomly by the tool.

Very nifty tool! Feel free to share with anyone you think might find this useful





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January 17, 2022