Facebook no longer penalises ads that have a lot of text on the image

Facebook 20% rule removedGreat news – Facebook will no longer reject or penalise your ad if you have lots of text on the image.
If you have advertised on Facebook you are probably aware that there were restrictions on the amount of text you can place on the image. Up until 2018 it was called the 20% rule – if the text took up more than 20% your ad was rejected. They then relaxed that a little and said that if you keep it below 20% your reach won’t be impacted. If it’s more than 20% you will reach less people for your money and if it exceeds around 60% your ad would get rejected.
It was reported by a few leading marketing publications in the past day or so that they are no longer penalising or rejecting ads based on the amount of text which will be welcomed by lots of us. A few people have already tested running ads which have around 90% text and reported that they ran without any issues. (example: Jon Loomer ) Facebook has said that they will contact all advertisers directly to confirm this change.
If you’d like to read more about this check out the article by Social Media Today
October 29, 2020