Excellent free tool for analysing your marketing on Instagram

squarelovin - free analytics tool for InstagramIf you use Instagram for marketing, would you like to know which are the best times for you to post? Or which hashtags are getting the best engagement for your posts?
Squarelovin.com is a website that gives you indepth Instagram Analytics for free and provides a lot more than the built in analytics on the Instagram app. It will give you

• A history of your content broken down by hour, day, month, or year.
• Some insights on your audience’s preferences and interests
• Suggestions on which times of the day are the best or worst for you to post based on an analysis of your previous posts.
• Suggestion on which are the best hashtags for you to use based on previous posts.

To use the tool
• Go to https://squarelovin.com and click on the page for Instagram Insights.
• Create a Free Account
• Login with your Instagram logins and then select your time zone
• Then click Use Account and browse your metrics

This is a very handy tool of you want to get a better feel for what is working for you on Instagram


October 29, 2020