Examples of ways Irish businesses are adapting their marketing to Coronavirus

Examples and Ideas for marketing during coronavirus in Ireland

Are you looking for ideas on how to adapt your marketing for the Coronavirus (Covid 19)  outbreak?

During this time all businesses are struggling. Many have had to close their doors because they have no choice. Others are doing their best to find ways to stay going. I have come across some examples of innovative and clever ways local businesses in Ireland are adapting their product or service to the new Coronavirus environment and I thought it would be useful to keep a list of them on this page.

I will add more to this list as I come across them





Local Garage:

Flynn’s Garage in Castlemaine, County Kerry sent out two Facebook posts very soon after the school closure that adapted their offering.

  1. If your vehicle is in need of tyres or service they will collect your vehicle from your home or your workplace and carry out whatever work is needed and then return to you. They also take payment by credit card over the phone.


2. They also own a fleet of buses so they are offering a service where they will sanitise your car using the medically approved equipment that they use to sanitise their buses.

Garden Centre:

Hanley’s of Cork are selling garden products offering a call & collect with zero contact. Simply order and pay by phone, call when you are parked outside and they will deliver to the boot of your car. (Another clever campaign by Carroll Communications who manage the social media account )


Midwest Physio in Limerick have shared a video that shows that for in-clinic appointments patients will wait in their car and will then be called. However, they now offer video consultations with patients and in their promo video they explain how those work.


Shades of Bloom florist in Killorglin, County Kerry  offer a “no contact” delivery service. The delivery driver will leave the flowers outside your door and will then call you to let you know it is there. The flower vessel is fully sanitized.


Shoe Shop

Walsh Bothers Shoe shop in Killarney, County Kerry will deliver shoes to your house where you can try them on at your convenience. That’s a great service.

Coffee & Deli Bar

WB’s Coffee house & Deli bar in Sligo  have created a hatch where you can order takeaways but anyone who works in the health service can get a free cup of coffee.


Hair Salon

Martha’s Hair Salon in Killorglin, County Kerry is helping customers who might have grey roots reappearing in the coming weeks. She will mix the colour for customers at her house and they can collect it in a santised bowl and apply it themselves.  Strict social distancing rules apply.


Tesco in Wexford

While not an example of adapting their marketing, I really liked how Tesco in Wexford present the card the machine to customers at checkout.

If you would like to get some ideas that are relevant to your business or sector here is something you could do to find lots of similar businesses and browse their recent social media posts.

  1. In the search box in Facebook type in your type of business eg Florist, Garden Centre, Garage and then select “Pages” from the sub menu. You will now see all pages to do with your sector on Facebook.



2. Browse through these to see what other companies are doing.

3. Why not look further afield for inspiration? Want to see what businesses like yours are doing in Dublin, Manchester, New York? On the left hand side of the search results change the geographic targeting to the city you want.


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April 7, 2020