Membership Of The Digital Marketing School Is An Ideal Gift

Membership of our Digital Marketing School is an ideal Christmas gift for a startup or entrepreneur interested in digital marketing.

Have people asked you what you would like for Christmas? 

Or are you wondering what will you get the person who has everything?

Well, if they have a business or are in the process of starting a business, an ideal gift would be expert guidance on how to increase their sales through digital marketing. Over 9,000 Irish businesses have attended the Digital Marketing training courses that we deliver on behalf of 8 Local Enterprise Offices throughout Ireland so they will get expert advice that they can trust. 


What is the Digital Marketing School?

As a member of the school you can …

1 - Download a digital marketing plan designed to help Irish businesses increase their sales.

2 - Immediately access over 15 hours of on demand step by step video lessons which show you how to implement your digital marketing – so you can learn at your own pace. These lessons cover ...

  • Website marketing
  • SEO – how to get found high up in Google search results
  • Instagram marketing
  • Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Google Analytics
  • How to shoot and edit your own marketing videos

3 - Attend a “Live Zoom course” for members each month where we cover important Digital Marketing topics in detail, including questions and answers for members.


Want more details about the School?   Read more about the Digital Marketing School






What will the person receive as a Gift?

It is a beautifully presented gift box that will be posted to you. You can then give this Gift box as the Christmas Gift


Christmas gift for startups and entrepeneurs

What is in the box?

In the box there is 

  1. Confirmation of how long the membership is for
  2. Explanation of what they will receive as a member of the Digital Marketing School
  3. Explanation of how to redeem the gift and what to do on our website in order to access the members content.



Would you like to receive this as a gift?

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