Free Mini course: How to setup FB & Instagram ads remarketing

Would you like to advertise to your recent website visitors  on Facebook and Instagram?

Would you like to be able to advertise on Facebook and Instagram to the people who recently visited your website? It is called remarketing and it's a very powerful advertising technique because you are getting your ad in front of people who have recently shown an interest in your product or service. Advertising to recent web visitors is a proven way to increase your sales because quite often we need to see a product or a promotion a few times before we decide to purchase.


Free Mini Course (3 Video lessons)

If you would like to set this up for your business you can watch our free mini training course consisting of 3 videos lessons which show you how to get started. The videos cover ..

  1. An overview of how remarketing works
  2. How to setup your remarketing audiences within Facebook's Ads manager (Targeting people who visited your site in the past 30 days and 180 days)
  3. How to get the Facebook pixel and how to add it to your website.


These three video lessons reflect all the recent changes Facebook has made

To access the 3 video lessons simply fill in the form below and you will get emailed a link to watch the mini course