6 Ways Facebook’s Meta Business Suite Will Help Your Marketing

Have you used Facebooks Meta Business Suite on your desktop? The Meta Business Suite app for your phone has been available for the past 2 years but the desktop version has rolled out to accounts in the Ireland over the past 6 months and should now be available to you.

Once you connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts you can  …

🎯 Create and schedule posts that go out to your followers on Facebook and Instagram. However, what is very handy is that you can also make changes to the text on the Facebook or Instagram post. For example, you might wan to refer to links differently int he Instagram post (see link in our profile) and the other accounts you mention would have different usernames on IG and Facebook.

🎯 This tools also allows you to create and Schedule Stories for IG and FB on your computer

🎯 You can plan the posts and stories visually in a planner

🎯 You can see Insights across your FB and IG accounts which is very useful to compare the demographics of your followers and the reach / engagements on your posts.

🎯 You can view and reply to all of your private messages in one central inbox for FB, IG and Messenger so no more logging into to multiple accounts.

🎯 Similarly, you can view your FB and IG comments in once central inbox which will save you time.

A really useful tool for managing your Facebook and Instagram content more efficiently

November 28, 2022