5 Tools for Instagram Marketing

If you use Instagram for marketing, here are 5 tools that I think you’ll find very useful.

1️⃣ Want to be able to able to make more professional looking Reels? Maybe with more eye catching fonts, your logo overlayed on the video, slow motion effects, zoom effects on your images or maybe you want to overlay footage of your products of service on top of clips of someone speaking. Inshot app is a brilliant app used by over 100 million users and is simple to use.

2️⃣ Want to easily schedule your Stories and posts from your phone?  Meta Business Suite is a must have app. This app  allows you to send out posts to your Facebook and Instagram followers but importantly, you can also schedule them. You can’t do this in the Instagram app. You can also use it to schedule your stories. Search the play or app store for Meta Business suite and then login using your facebook login.

3️⃣ Want to include formatting in your caption (eg.line breaks and spaces between your text and hashtags) but Instagram keeps removing the spacing? If you use the Instaspacer app (Free)  you write and format your text in the app and then copy and paste into Instagram it will keep all your formatting

4️⃣Want to create story highlights that contain your brand colour? Have you created Story highlights for your profile and now you would like the circular highlight images to match the colour of your logo? You can easily do this using the free version of Canva. Go to canva.com and in the search box search for Story highlight. You will then see lots of templates. Choose one, upload your logo and place it on the canvas and now when you want to change the colour of the circle your logo colour will be an option.

5️⃣ Want to use eye catching fonts that will draw the eye in your profile description and the captions in your posts?  Rather than the standard Instagram font you can use other ones by going to the free website lingojam.com, paste in the text from your post or your bio. Choose a font / type face you like and then paste it back into Instagram.

All the best


October 27, 2022