5 differences between Reels on Instagram and Facebook

Reels (Vertical videos mainly set to music up to 90 seconds long) have become one of the main ways of using Instagram for marketing. But you can also create Reels on Facebook and I often get asked – is there a difference between the two and if so, what are the differences.

There are 5 main differences …

🎯 1. Length:

🚀 On Instagram – Reels are up to 90 seconds and Instagram Videos up to 15 mins long are now Reels as well.
🚀 On Facebook – Reels are up to 60 seconds long

This means, if you want to use the same Reel on Instagram and Facebook create one that is less than 60 seconds

🎯 2. Music Library

🚀 On Instagram – Business accounts don’t get the good music library full of copyright music (Ed sheeran, Harry Styles etc). Instead they get the stock music library. You would need to switch to a Creator account to get the good music library
🚀 On Facebook – Business pages get the good music library

🎯 3. Cover Image

🚀 On Instagram – You can add a cover including a custom designed cover. This is very important for the ‘look’ of your profile grid.
🚀 On Facebook – You cannot add a cover

🎯 4. Stickers and effects

🚀 On Instagram – You get the full range of stickers and effects, including captions, polls, slider etc
🚀 On Facebook – Far less choice of stickers and effects

🎯5. Reach

🚀 On Instagram – Your Reels tend to reach a lot more of your followers than posts and you can reach thousands of non followers in the Reels feed
🚀 On Facebook – Business pages are not experiencing an increase in reach like they are on Instagram

Hope that helps when comparing the two

September 29, 2022