4 ways to drive traffic from Instagram to your website

I often get asked what are the ways to drive traffic from Instagram to a website.  Here is a quick overview …

👎What doesn’t work:
·       If you add a link to the text area (caption) in your post or reel the link won’t work. It isn’t clickable.
·       Also, links in comments don’t work.

👍What does work:

1️⃣  Making the most of the link in your profile.
Instagram is currently testing with some users having multiple links in the profile so it’s possible that we will have more than one link to our website in the future. Currently I have an extra option  to link to my Facebook profile but this might just be part of a test.

If you want to get more out of the one web address in your profile in order to easily drive people to the correct pages on your website when you say “see link in our profile, there is a brilliant free tool called Link in bio. This free tool not only gives you a page that can have lots of links but people can also click on some of your previous posts which link to your website. To see an example go to Brown Thomas on Instagram and it is also on our profile. To  try it out do a Google search for Link in bio by later and sign up for a free account.

2️⃣ Add a link to your Story
It is very easy to add a link to your Story. Simply create a story and tap on the sticker icon. If you then see a sticker called ‘link’. Add the web address that you want to link to and you can also customise the text that people will see and click on eg. “Tap for more details”

3️⃣ Get approved for Instagram shopping.
If you are eligible for Instagram Shopping you can easily tag your posts or Reels which allows someone to click through to your website in order to buy the product. In order to be eligible, you need an ecommerce website selling a physical product (not a service or online product)

4️⃣ Add a link to your private messages

If your followers message you enquiring about your product or service don’t forget that you can easily add a link to your message and drive them to a page on your website that explains your product or service. In your post you could encourage people to message you with any questions.

All the best


October 20, 2022