4 tools that will improve your Instagram marketing

4 Instagram marketing toolsIf you use Instagram for marketing, here are 4 tools that I think you’ll find very useful.

1. Lingojam.com

– Rather than the standard font, would you like to use an eye catching font in your profile bio that will draw the eye to your bio? Simply go to the website lingojam.com

, paste in the text from your bio. Choose a type face you like and then paste it back into your bio on Instagram.

2. Quicc.io – would you like to have captions / subtitles in your videos for your posts or Stories? (Videos with captions get more engagement) Go to the website quicc.io and setup a free account. (They give you 10 minutes of free captions) Upload your video and it will use audio recognition software to generate all the captions. Make sure you edit and check for spelling errors etc. You can also choose your font and colour. Then download your video which has the captions burned in.
3. Unfold App – If you want to create very stylish Stories, check out Unfold. The app provides you with lots of templates to choose from making it easy to post one or more photos or videos in each page of your story. You can tailor the backgrounds / add borders and text. You can easily preview what your story looks like within the app and then post to Instagram.
4. Campsite.bio – If you want to get more out of the one web address in your profile in order to easily drive people to the correct pages on your website when you say “see link in our profile” check out campsite.bio. This free tool gives you a page that can have lots of links. Then link to this page from your profile
These are very nifty tools that I think will help your marketing. Feel free to share with anyone you think might find them useful

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October 29, 2020