3 new features on TikTok

If you use TikTok for marketing or for yourself personally, here are three big changes that they are currently rolling out …

🚀 They have increased the length of the Video description (caption) field from 300 characters to 2,200

In a huge change by TikTok you now have WAY more space to write your description / caption and add hashtags to your TikTok videos. Previously it was very difficult to say anything meaningful and also include many hashtags. Why this is important is because the text and hashtags get your TikTok videos found so now there is a lot more room for search words and phrases as well as important hashtags.

🚀They are rolling out comment downvotes to all users:

TikTok has started rolling out comment downvotes which means all users will be able to flag inappropriate comments with a ‘thumbs down’ response. However, unlike Reddit, there won’t be a downvote count. Only the person who downvotes will be able to see that it was downvoted and the purpose is to let TikTok know what people feel is inappropriate and it will help TikTok moderators manage comments.

🚀 They are adding a new feature called TikTok Now which is a copy of the BeReal app:

Last month Instagram introduced a feature copying BeReal and now TikTok has copied the BeReal app by introducing a feature called TikTok Now. Users will be prompted once a day to take an authentic photo or 10 second video with both their front and back facing cameras showing what you are doing and then share with your friends. This hasn’t fully rolled out in Ireland but it is part of a trend where TikTok is starting to focus more on users connecting and sharing content with their friends instead of just consuming videos from accounts that they are not following. Keep an eye out for it on your main navigation.

Lots of changes on TikTok 😁




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November 7, 2022