3 Free SEO tools that will improve your marketing

Free SEO toolsWould you like your website to appear higher up in Google search results? If so, you need to ensure that your site has been Search Engine Optimised (SEO). Here are 3 of my favourite free SEO tools and my view on why they will improve your marketing.

1. Neil Patel – Backlinks tool
In order to appear high up Google needs to trust your site. One of the things it looks at is whether high quality sites that it trusts are linking back to your site. This tool tells you the domain authority (score out of 100) for any site you want to check – which gives you an idea of how much Google trusts the site. Plus it shows which sites are linking back. Use this tool to check how your score compares to your main competitors and checking who is linking back to your competitors will give you ideas on how to get backlinks. (Click here to access this tool )

2. Google Keyword planner
In order to appear high up, Google needs to see that a page on your site is very relevant for the search term. Therefore, you should figure out what people are searching for and then ensure you have a page on your website that is optimised for that topic. But how can you check what people are searching for? Google has a tool called Keyword Planner which is free to use within Google Adwords. You can type any search term into this tool and Google will give you an indication of how often it is searched for each month and all the other related terms people use. It will also give you this information for one or more countries or even at a county level. Use this tool when planning your website and ensure you have pages for topics people are searching for and also use it to figure out the exact words and phrases people are using. This will help when you writing content for site. (Go to google.com/adwords  to access this tool within the adwords tool)

3. Google Search Console
This Google tool will let you know if the Google Spider encountered any issues when it visited your site, which search terms your site is being found for, which sites are linking back to you plus lots more. However, 2 other things that will really help your SEO are
a) When you create a new page on your website you can call the Google spider to index it – this will really help get your new pages appearing in search much faster than if you waited for the spider to come.
b) You can also geographically target your website to indicate to Google which country your site is mainly targeting – you don’t want Google to think you are mainly targeting the US when really you want to target Ireland. (Go to Google.com/webmaster  to access this tool )


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October 29, 2020