2 Free Tools for removing the background in your images

How to remove the background from an imageWould you like to remove the background from an image? Maybe you want to take a photo of your product on an office table but then you want to remove the background and put the product on a white background or place it on top of an image? Here are 2 excellent free websites that will allow you to do this
1. Trace (By Sticker Mule)
I came across this recently and it’s excellent. All you have to do is create a free account, upload your image and it immediately scans it and removes the background. You can then replace the background with any colour or you can upload an image. Visit https://www.stickermule.com/eu/trace
2. Remove.bg
This is one of my favourite image editing tools and the one I always use to remove backgrounds – but from what I can see Trace seems to be just as good. Upload an image and it removes the background. Then download it as a transparent file or within the website you can add a coloured background or use an image. Visit https://www.remove.bg/

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November 9, 2020