2 Big Changes To Instagram That Impact Marketers

If you use Instagram for marketing, there are 2 big recent developments that you should know about …
1) Instagram has made some changes to Reels one month after launch including doubling the length of videos: Just one month after launching Reels, Instagram has made a significant change to it based on feedback from users. It has doubled the length of Reels from 15 seconds to 30 seconds which will be useful for businesses if you want to make a more substantial marketing video. It has also improved the ability to trim and delete elements of your video.
2) Instagram is testing new layouts for the navigation bar by adding Reels and Shop tabs:
Has your navigation bar on Instagram changed in the past few weeks? Mine has. I now have a tab for Reels and Shop while notifications has moved to the top right and the create button has moved to the top left. This is part of a test that Instagram is running where it is testing 3 different layouts to see which one works best and we can expect the navigation bar to change for everyone in the coming months. The goal is to make Reels and Shopping more prominent within the app which means that if you create Reels and you use Instagram shopping posts they will be getting more visibility in the coming months.
October 29, 2020