Videos for Artists & Crafts Businesses


We hope you found the course “How to create marketing videos for Creative Ireland Businesses” useful for your business. You  can watch some tutorial videos below which show you how to do some of the exercises covered in the course and also look at some of the example videos we looked at on the course.


Examples of Videos to promote artists & Crafts Businesses


Just video clips and music showing and artist painting


Artist explaining how she paints (But poor mic and lights and no music)



A crafts person (pottery) explaining their business – Promo video


An artist explaining her approach and style (With Mic, Music & good lighting)





Timelapse of a painting



Video based on photos of paintings



Art Gallery or Art Exhibition


Artist speaking about his art using video and images as footage



Exhibition manager speaking about an artist and his work



Tutorial Videos – How to paint



Sharing tips


No speaking – music and text


Speaking to camera

How we make our product videos






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June 2, 2022