12 tips for Facebook Ad campaigns this Christmas

Tips for Facebook ad campaigns at ChristmasAre you thinking about running a Facebook ad campaign to promote your products or services this Christmas? Most businesses do. However, the cost of ads will rise in the coming weeks as more people want to run them. To help you get the most out of your campaign, here is a 12 point checklist of what you should consider before and during the campaign. It’s a common pitfall that many businesses overlook what they should do before the campaign and go straight to running the campaign.
Before Running the Ad campaign ….
1. Design an eye catching graphic for your campaign
If you don’t have product images you can get excellent free stock images at Pixabay.com or Pexels.com and then use tools like Befunky.com or Apps like Canva or Spark Post to give your images a seasonal feel.
2. Develop a key selling message for your ad
Why should people buy your product or service. If you are not competing on price, what is the main benefit of your product / service. Ensure there is a clear compelling reason and put this in your ad.
3. Create a landing page on your website for the campaign
Before you run the ad ensure you have a dedicated page on your website that you will drive people to. Then ensure that
A) The page loads quickly (Use Google speed test tool to check)
B) There are support messages eg. Further reasons why they should buy the product / services.
C) Also, try to add a testimonial or a video that sells the product
4. Have call to action options on your website, including Facebook messenger
Prompt people to enquire about your product or service. Not everyone will purchase straight away as they have questions. Include Facebook Messenger as an easy way for people to get in touch from your web page.
5. Decide which audiences you will target
It’s best to target warm audiences first eg. Your followers or website visitors as you have a better chance of converting them. If you have the Facebook Pixel already installed on your website be aware that you can target people who visited specific web pages or stayed on your website more than others. Also consider creating lookalike audiences of your web visitors which allows you to target the top 1% of people in the country who are most similar to them.
6. Decide how you will measure your campaign
What constitutes success when you run the ad campaign? If you are driving people to your website you will want to know how many clicks you got and the cost per click. However it would also be good to know how many sales or enquiries you achieved. Therefore, it’s a good idea to setup custom conversions on your website so you can track how many people took specific actions having seen your ads eg. Added to cart, made a purchase etc.
When running your Ad campaign ….
7. Use the Ad creation tool (not boost post) to ensure you have the best options
The boost post button doesn’t give you all the options you need when running an ad. Ensure you use the Ad creation tool and that will help you get the best results
8. If you are driving people to your website, choose the “Website traffic” objective rather than engagement
By choosing this objective your campaign can be optimised to appear mainly in front of people who tend to click out of Facebook or People who tend to follow through with clicks and actually land on web pages. If you were to choose the “Engagement” objective it mainly gets in front of people who tend to engage with posts (not the same as leaving Facebook)
9. Don’t just run one campaign targeting multiple audiences with the same message
If you are targeting different audiences, , break your main campaign into sub campaigns (adsets) and tailor the message and the image to each audience. You ads will resonate better and will result in lower cost per clicks.
10. Try running a split test before you run your main ad campaign
Consider doing a split test for your ad campaign where you can identify which audience responded better or which image/ message generated the best results. Once you know this you can then target the best audiences with the most compelling creative in your main ad campaign
11. Consider using all of the placements available
There are 14 main placements available for your ads on Facebook and Instagram. Because large brands will be spending a lot of money on ads, consider using all the placements available which might keep your costs as low as possible. Just choosing the main newsfeeds could results in much higher costs for you
12. Ensure you monitor your results in Ads Manager
Keep an eye on how your campaign is doing in Ads manager ir use the Facebook ads app. If after a few days an adset doesn’t seem to be doing well eg high cost per click, then turn it off. Get a breakdown of your results by age, gender, placement, website conversion and also ad creative to see which are performing best and then consider focusing your remaining campaign on the best audiences and the best ads.
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April 13, 2019